Friday, January 16, 2015

Trying to Conceive Journey and Very First Bumpdate!!

We're having a baby! Despite the relentless nausea I'm dealing with right now, I am beyond overjoyed to be able to say that!

So right before our first anniversary, my husband and I made the very controversial decision to start trying for our first baby. Why would that be controversial? Well, because I'm a second year pharmacy student with two and a half more years left to go in school! It took our parents a little time to get used to the idea (because they were worried about me finishing school), but they jumped on board are looking forward to the new baby now.

It took us a long time to decide if it was the right time to start trying. We weighed school, finances, our other children, etc, but after talking about it and praying about it, we decided it was time. So we got started right after our anniversary wedding (I'll post all about that later) in August of last year, and I was so convinced I would get pregnant on the first try! I mean, that's how it happened before so why not? Let me just say, my heart and prayers go out to the many women I've met through blogs and ttc sites that have the hardest time conceiving and have to get fertility treatments, etc. I have a new appreciation for that kind of heartache because even though it only took us about 4 months total to conceive, seeing my period each month when I so desperately wanted to be pregnant was absolutely heartbreaking.

When we did conceive, I'm convinced it was a miracle from God.

The backstory: I removed my IUD at the end of August. We started trying as soon as we could, and, like I said, I was convinced we had succeeded on the first try. Nope. Turns out, a side effect of IUD removal is every pregnancy symptom known to man. Nausea? Check! Breast tenderness? Check! Fatigue? Check! You name it, I had it. So needless to say, I was very disappointed when I got my period. On to the next month. I tried to pinpoint my ovulation time, but because of my husbands job that requires him to travel for most of the month, it wasn't easy. We tried anyway, and I thought maybe just maybe. Nope! Ok, this was starting to get a little complicated. The plan was to get pregnant between August and November, have a summer baby, and avoid interrupting my school year with childbirth. Well, you know what they say about what God does when we make plans :). It was October already! We tried again to no avail. Now it's November. So this time I pinpointed my ovulation down to a specific week. My husband was in Dallas during this time so I decided to go and spend the weekend baby dancing. This just HAD to be it. I drove all the way from Mississippi to Dallas! Nope! Seeing that period in December was particular heartbreaking because I was so sure we'd done it. I had plans to give him the positive test as a Christmas gift and everything. No such luck. So it's December now. So much for that summer baby! I had pretty much completely given up the idea of making a baby that month because my husband was in Denver through my entire fertile week. He wasn't due home until the 23rd...right before Christmas. No baby this month...or so I thought :). I decided to go spend the weekend before my husband came home with my mom in Louisiana. While there, my body started acting weird. I started spotting way before my period was due. I was thinking "here we go", but it only last about 2 or 3 days. Weird, but I just dismissed it as my body still being confused from the IUD. Fast forward to the 23rd when my husband came home. That night before I took a shower I noticed something that made me think I MUST be ovulating. If you're a woman that has ever tried to conceive, you most likely know what I'm talking about. I was overjoyed, but confused and decided not to get too excited about it as it was way past the time of the month that I should have ovulated. On Christmas Eve, I told my husband I wanted to go buy an ovulation predictor kit. It was positive. POSITIVE! On Christmas Eve! What an amazing Christmas gift. I could not believe it. Needless to say, we got to work! The next test I took was on January 3rd. I had replayed it in my mind over and over how I would react to a positive pregnancy test. I thought I would be calm. I thought I would call my mom and come up with a really neat way to tell my husband. You know, fairy tale things! Nope! I took the test. Waited. Saw two lines. Screamed "Babe, I'm pregnant, I'M PREGNANT!" down the hallway! In that order...creative I know, but I was so happy, I didn't care about cutesy ways I'd seen on Pinterest to tell him. I just knew God had given us exactly what we'd been asking for...when he got good and ready to give it.

Now...we're having a baby! I'm 5+3 today, and he or she is kicking my butt. The nausea is real. I literally sit it one spot all day because moving turns my stomach upside down. But I count it all joy and consider it our baby saying "I'm here, Mommy!"

Week 5 Bumpdate:

How Far Along? 5 weeks
Size of Baby: Appleseed (~.13 in)
Weight Gain: Less than .04 oz
Maternity Clothes: Not Yet
Stretch marks: Same ones from last pregnancy!
Symptoms: Tender breasts and nipples, fatigue, and NAUSEA
Cravings: None yet
Gender: Won't know for a while but hoping for  a girl
Mood: Not in a very good mood
Nursery: Still in the Pinterest stages :)
Movement: Nothing yet
Sleep: Pretty good
Workouts: Too sick to move
What I Miss: Not being nauseous in the first two weeks of knowing I was pregnant!
Belly Button in or out? I have a natural outtie
Wedding rings on or off? On
Anything making you queasy or sick: EVERYTHING!
Best Moment This Week: Visiting my hubby in Memphis
Labor Signs: Nope!
Looking Forward To: Getting through the first trimester!

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