Thursday, November 19, 2015

Look at Her Grow: 2 Month Update

Month one went by like a blur and before I knew it, Isabelle was two months old and I hadn't posted a single update. Her first few weeks home were exhausting. Like most new babies, she slept all day and stayed up all night. Daddy and I were pretty much zombies. I went back to school when she was only a week and a half so as you can imagine, things were crazy around here. We started to get leveled out around 3 weeks old when I started a bedtime routine (I'll post about that later).

Month two was a lot less hectic. Our bedtime routine has worked wonders for everyone. We were all getting better sleep with Izzy only waking up one time for a feeding at around 2 or 3 in the morning. She was the pink power ranger for her first Halloween (big brother was the red ranger). We hit several milestones in month two! Smiling, cooing, laughing! She even started to like her swing and bouncer! We couldn't get here to go near it for the first several weeks of her life. At her 8-week appointment she weighed in 12 lbs 9.6 oz!! She was a trooper for her first set of immunizations. She gets that from my side of the family. 

The last two months have been crazy, but I plan to keep up much better from now on! Can't wait to post about month three in a few weeks!

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