Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Apartment Living Series: Organization Challenge

Apartment Living: Organization Challenge--a challenge to organize every single room in my apartment. #GIAWC|

Most adults, at some point in our lives, have to live in an apartment or another type of rental. If you're like me, you have big dreams of how you're going to decorate your dream home and you have Pinterest boards for every room. Oh that's just me? Ok. Anyway, I believe that renting doesn't have to mean bare walls and futons. I'm on a mission to make our apartment feel as much like home as possible while I'm waiting on the day that we buy that perfect house, which is why I've decided to start this series on apartment living. 

The biggest challenge I've faced while renting is lack of organization. Our apartment, while spacious, lacks adequate storage space, which means I'm going to have to get a little creative to maximize the space we have and to make sure everything has a home. I've started this process already by getting rid of old clothes, shoes, linens, and barely used items that were just taking up valuable storage space in our apartment. I've gone through every nook and cranny and either trashed or donated everything that we did not absolutely need or use for everyday living. That freed up quite a bit of space, and now the fun part begins. I've challenged myself to get every room organized by the end of the summer so I compiled a checklist to keep myself on task and, of course, I'll be keeping you all updated as I complete each project. Here goes! 

Apartment Organization Checklist: 
  1. Organize linen closet
  2. Organize the nursery closet
  3. Organize the laundry room
  4. Organize the master bedroom closet
  5. Create Cameron's homework station
  6. Organize Cameron's bedroom closet 
  7. Create a cabinet for baby feeding supplies
  8. Organize kitchen cabinets
  9. Create a tool closet
  10. Organize Hubby's workspace
  11. Organize bathroom and kitchen drawers 
  12. Label pantry containers 
  13. Organize pantry 
  14. Create storage above kitchen cabinets 
  15. Organize the refrigerator 
  16. Organize bathrooms
  17. Organize clothes
  18. Create media storage for the living room
What things have you done to make the best of apartment  living? How do you make your apartment feel like home?


  1. Number 10: good luck. What took hours to accomplish can be totally undone in a matter of minutes when it comes to the hubs. #amiright

    1. Haha!!! Indeed! Between him and the kids, I may just be spinning my wheels!


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