Thursday, May 26, 2016

Apartment Living Series: An Organized Baby Cabinet

I've been working overtime around here getting our apartment organized, and, as promised, I'm taking you all along for the ride! I started with the baby cabinet because feeding the baby is something we do quite a bit around here, and our supplies were all over the place! Combine that with a hungry, screaming baby, and you have complete chaos!

Apartment Organization Series: An Organized Baby

This was a pretty quick and easy project. I started by just brainstorming.  I wrote out everything that needed to be organized, what supplies I needed, and made a quick to-do list. All I needed for this project was few bins and containers to hold bottles, sippy cups, and snacks (which I snagged at TJMaxx) and my silhouette die cutting machine for the labels.

Apartment Organization Series: An Organized Baby

Including making labels, this project literally only took about an hour, and it has made feeding time with Izzy SO much smoother because everything has a place. We've started using sippy cups, bowls, and spoons quite a bit more than bottles so I put the bottles on the top shelf. Snacks are a must for keeping Izzy busy (hey that rhymes!) in the mornings when everyone is getting ready or in the evenings when I'm busy cooking dinner and need her to sit still in the high chair so I made sure to keep those within reach. 

Apartment Organization Series: An Organized Baby
She hasn't quite graduated to plates and big girl cups yet, but I got them anyway because they were super cheap at Ikea, and I only get to go there once or twice or year. She'll be using them before I know it! 

Apartment Organization Series: An Organized Baby

So that's that! I love to cross an item off of my to-do list, but I still have a long way to go! 

Apartment Organization Checklist: 
  1. Organize linen closet
  2. Organize the nursery closet
  3. Organize the laundry room
  4. Organize the master bedroom closet
  5. Create Cameron's homework station
  6. Organize Cameron's bedroom closet 
  7. Create a cabinet for baby feeding supplies
  8. Organize kitchen cabinets
  9. Create a tool closet
  10. Organize Hubby's workspace
  11. Organize bathroom and kitchen drawers 
  12. Label pantry containers 
  13. Organize pantry 
  14. Create storage above kitchen cabinets 
  15. Organize the refrigerator 
  16. Organize bathrooms
  17. Organize clothes
  18. Create media storage for the living room
What do you do with the insane amount of stuff that babies come with? What areas would you love to get organized in your home? 

Apartment Organization Series: An Organized Baby

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  1. Just looking at that cabinet makes me happy. :) I loved an organized space like this!

    1. Oh so do I, Julie! I keep opening that cabinet just to look! Haha!

  2. I so need to do this. Our baby cabinet has stuff literally thrown in there because there is no place for anything. You've inspired me to go straighten up now!

    1. That's exactly what mine was like a few weeks ago. I should've taken a before picture!

  3. That looks great! It is always nice to cross something off of the to-do list :)

  4. Wow! This is brilliant. I've seen many crazy cabinets - this is a great idea for baby stuff!

    1. Thanks! I hope to tackle the rest soon!


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